Our Experts Help you Save Time and Costs Involved in Handling Payrolls

Payroll is indeed one of the most crucial of all business functions. Today’s payroll system is highly complex and requires an extremely integrated payroll solution that is robust & scalable. Payroll Services from AUD Inc help you reduce the hassles involved in updating Tax tables and making payments. Hence, global businesses, irrespective of their sizes, can leverage our specialized professional payroll service to get better & much improved focus on their core functional areas.

Benefits of Our Payroll Services

Shrink Direct Costs

Our payroll services effectively shrink the direct labor costs related with payroll processing. You can use the cost savings for your business.

Avoid IRS Penalties

With our Payroll experts by your side, you stay relieved of the burden & complexities involved in paying the IRS penalties.

Focus on Core Business

Payroll processing is indeed a troublesome experience. However, with our team handling it all, you need not research or enter data yourself anymore.

Avoiding Technology Mistakes

Our payroll experts ensure complete elimination of calculating risks besides making the filing process immensely simplified & quicker.

Package Suiting your Needs Available

As different businesses have varying requirements, our Payroll services have been designed to cater to all such requirements. Three major payroll processing options we offer include Comprehensive Payroll Service, After-the-fact-Payroll Service and Online Payroll Processing Service. Basic features included in each of these service include EFTPS tax reports & deposits, IRS & state tax reports, New hire report creation & filing, Maintenance of payroll records and more. Get in touch with our team to know more.

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