Get the most popular warehouse and manufacturing solution for QuickBooks with Fishbowl app


Fishbowl is trusted by several reputed businesses. It comes with powerful features that empower small businesses to large corporations. It renders managing inventory and speeding up business process much simpler. Fishbowl is an affordable and advanced solution for manufacturing and warehouse management.


Advanced Manufacturing Functionality

Fishbowl app also lets you automate complex manufacturing tasks with the support of bills of materials, suitable instructions, stages and more. You can also seamlessly integrate this app with QuickBooks to track virtually unlimited inventory items. Moreover, you can also automate time & labor tracking as well with Fishbowl manufacturing and wholesale QuickBooks app. It also allows you to manage sales across e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Magento, etc.

Warehouse Functionality

It allows to manage inventory in multiple warehouses and avoid the adversities such as stock-outs and overstocks. As required, you can pick, pack, as well as ship products. You can also manage payroll & employee hours in Web-based time-clock solution.

Shipping Integration

Shipping is undoubtedly one of the core functions of any business – be it big or small. Whether it’s about transferring multiple items or receiving inventory between different warehouses, or say simply sending fully finished goods to customers; Fishbowl app makes every task simple. Fishbowl QuickBooks app easily integrates with several shipping, manufacturing and wholesale accounting solutions, and also ensures that your orders reach the right places at the right times.

Quick Inventory Search

All businesses need to focus not only the little details but the big picture as well to be successful. Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse togetherly ensures that the task of searching parts & products gets much easier.


  • Automates complex manufacturing tasks
  • Integration with several shipping solutions
  • Searching Parts & Products is much easier
  • Manages payroll & employee hours
  • Track virtually as many inventory items
  • Easily manage sales across multiple ecommerce platforms

With AUDINC you can integrate Fishbowl with QuickBooks accounting software and also host it the secured cloud environment. Integration and hosting services by us, ensures that you don’t need to do double data entry in the app as well as in QuickBooks.

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