Streamline Your Sales and Grow Your Business With Method CRM App


Method CRM integration with QuickBooks streamlines your sales and take the overall business to the next level. By using Method CRM app along with QuickBooks, you can simplify and track different details, such emails, client appointment and calls.


Identify Each Customer with Contact Manager

If you want to keep your customers happy, you should know few more details than what your last QuickBooks invoice can tell you. With Method CRM, you will know each customer’s history, in addition to their requirements and when they need it so nothing gets missed.

Supercharged CRM and 100% Code Free

It is quite evident that in the fast moving business age, one size does not fit all. Particularly for small businesses. With drag and drop option, you can easily integrate QuickBooks with Method CRM and customize it in the way you want. You may have a system that is just right for the way you get the work done.

Tracking Leads and Opportunities External of QuickBooks

Track possible customers outside of QuickBooks. Your accountant will become happy. Your business leads can be easily listed with Method CRM app by a web-to-lead form on website and your staffs from where you can view potential customer requests, and product and service information.

Receive Payments Faster With Self-Serve Portals

You can extend your website with the “my account” section where the customers can view pay invoices, outstanding balances, update their account details, and place orders. You can provide limited access to customers, vendors and partners.

QuickBooks Synchronization

Method CRM app can be easily synchronized with QuickBook. You can easily streamline different activities, such as adding customers, deleting time tracking and modification of invoices.

Activities & Tasks

You can maintain a proper activity history. You are no more required to make Notes and To-do’s in QuickBooks. Method CRM lets you track different business interactions that primarily includes email marketing, appointments, etc. With this QuickBooks add-on, you can also easily schedule follow-ups and reminders and allocate several business-critical tasks to other staffs.

Unlimited number of Contacts

Method CRM provides you unlimited contacts per vendor or customer. Different QuickBooks versions provides you “Contact” and “Alt Contact” option that aren’t enough, specifically when you carry business with different companies. Method CRM QuickBooks app also allows you to have information and records of contact details of your clients and customers.


Your sales team can view the opportunities that are ready to close, and the probability and value of every deal at a glance. Method CRM QuickBooks app also permits your sales team to participate in different activities and get details of co-workers who maintain close deals, indeed when salespeople are away from their desks. Additionally, you may use web-to-lead forms to gather information from potential customers who are visiting your website and want more information on your product/service. The web-to-lead form can automatically make an opportunity for your sales team.


  • Pay invoices and outstanding balance faster with the Self-Serve portal.
  • You can create and send bulk emails to customers and leads.
  • You can use “Cases” to track and resolve customer service issues faster.

Business management can get simpler with the comprehensive and exclusive integration of Method CRM and QuickBooks cloud hosting solution that lets you attain sustainable growth. All in all, the overall accounting and tax solution by AUDINC helps you focus on core business goals.

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