Online Time Tracking, Billing & Expense Management Gets Easier with SpringAhead


SpringAhead is an online time tracking, billing and expense management tool that helps in removing redundant data entry. You can easily manage multiple bills and pay rates at projects, individuals and, tasks. SpringAhead helps to avoid errors related to overtime and vacation tracking.


Increase Visibility of Project Spending

SpringAhead enhances the visibility of the entire payroll system, hourly revenues and expenses report costs by project.

This clear, actionable project tracking of data will support your team to run a smarter business with the accounting integration tools streamlining your back-office operations.

Easily Carry a DCAA Audit

The secure platform of SpringAhead app helps you to register specific times, billing and expense report data of different teams of your business. You just need to login to SpringAhead and help your business achieve the accurate and periodic reminders, timely entry by the employees doing the work.

Comprehensive audit trails and notes fields for all delayed or changed time render the documentation that auditors look for. Integration of SpringAhead with the accounting system of your business provides accurate billing of time and costs.

Web Timesheets for Team

Get everyone on the same system. SpringAhead works ceaselessly with contractors, employees, and temps employed by agencies.

It is easy to practice and presents you with a complete view of your company’s time.

Simultaneous Payroll Export

From SpringAhead application, you get options of 200+ potential payroll providers to select from to manage payroll of your business.

The exclusive requirement is that the payroll provider support file imports. Select from most payroll providers such as Paychex, SurePayroll and start it today.

Faster Processing of Invoice

By integration of SpringAhead with QuickBooks, you can automate the billing process of your business that helps you save your time.

It eliminates data entry and keeps the record of all of your time and expense data exactly where they actually belong: in the accounting system.

Expense Reports for Teams

Do you want to speed up your expense report process? Get started with credit card integration and online receipt management.

Complete with award-winning integration that performs the accounting for you. Get the fastest and complete solution with SpringAhead for mid-sized business.

Paperless Document Management

Switch to paperless time and expense tracking today. Paperwork is not reliable. It can be easily lost, damaged or destroyed. Thermal receipts might even fade away within a few months.

SpringAhead QuickBooks app helps you to replace paper paper based accounting system and get online storage in Tier 4 data centers. It is fast, simple and requires no extra time from your team. You can get durable peace of mind today.

Project Tracking & Job Costing

SpringAhead app has the specific project tracking features that your business desperately needs. Get benefitted from controls for classes, items and payroll items.

Select between presenting employees with tailored drop down menus or matching everything behind-the-scenes. Integration of SpringAhead with QuickBooks also guarantees minimal data entry and accuracy.


  • Automates the billing process for faster invoicing
  • High-level data security
  • Simple and powerful timesheets to reduce paperworks
  • Easily syncs with QuickBooks

Undeniably, SpringAhead is a customized solution to improve the overall functionality of QuickBooks accounting software, which helps to manage your business activities. AUDINC offers the comprehensive and exclusive solutions of cloud hosting and QuickBooks app integration that helps your business to attain the much-needed flexibility and that too with a gamut of advantages.

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