T-HUB App to Streamline Your E-commerce and Retail Business


Every business needs comprehensive order management solution to meet their unique business requirements. Known as a multi-channel order management application, T-HUB is specially designed to assimilate E-commerce stores using QuickBooks accounting software as well as other shipping services such as UPS, FedEx, USPS etc. This app magnificently simplifies the diverse processes of E-commerce and retail businesses. If your business belongs to the same domain, you must know about exclusive features and benefits from the managing solution.


Automated Accounting Solution

T-HUB automates the overall accounting process and helps you accelerate your Ecommerce sales. E-commerce sales management could be quite challenging task unless a business does not have the comprehensive accounting solution. By using the T-HUB, you can transport entire sales data into your QuickBooks software and skip the burden of manual data entry.

Automated Process of Shipping

Centralized shipping and order fulfillment makes it easy to deliver the product trouble-freely. You can print the packaging list consisting the name of your company. You can also print shipping labels, provide support for UPS, FedEx, USPS etc.

This app comes with a feature of automated update of tracking the numbers of orders and inform the customers about order shipments. It also records the shipping cost, if the customer is charged for the shipping process of a product.

Easy Configurable QuickBooks Integration

T-Hub add-on can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks and makes easy to advance the functions of your accounting system. You can record orders into QuickBooks in form of sales receipts, invoices and sales orders.

Integration of T-Hub helps you automate and simplify several other accounting and bookkeeping activities such as creating or updating the contacts, recording items, recording payments, creation of new products, recording shipping charges and more.

Easy Inventory Management

Using T-HUB for your business does not let you combat problems, especially for inventory management. This app comprises of many features for inventory management such as updating inventory stock change, etc.

Updating price changes, creation of new products, automated inventory updates, decrease in inventory by posting of online orders and a lot more can be done with this app. Along with all these features, you can monitor on what is in the stock and what is out of stock.


  • Helps to keep your QuickBooks data updated and more accurate for flawless work
  • Develops smarter and faster technology to accomplish the task of shipping of orders
  • Helps to manage the product lists and inventory
  • Makes ideal selection for many types of marketplace and stores available
  • Offers multi-channel integration with QuickBooks for more productive outcomes
  • Record items, shipping charges, payments, discounts and taxes, item sold and many more

T-Hub is a cloud-based app that also helps your business to achieve improved performance. If you are a QuickBooks user, you must integrate the add-on with your accounting solution.

AUDINC facilitates cloud hosting solution for your QuickBooks version and also integration facility of T-HUB to fetch your business more exclusive advantages.

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