Top 5 Reasons to Use QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the popular business-accounting software that caters to developing and established businesses.  Given the fact that there are several other competitive accounting packages available in the markets, why settle for QuickBooks is the first question you might be faced with.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons that make this software worth investing in.

Feature Rich

QuickBooks is rich in features that cover nearly all basic business functions and is not simply limited to accounting. Payroll, Budgeting, Billing, Merchant Account Service to process credit card payments, Invoicing, Online Banking and host of another features enable you to automate your business operations quite effectively.  Depending on nature and scale of the business operations, these features can help take the pinch off most of the routine tasks, improving their efficiency and speed in the process. Centralized data makes it possible do away with redundancies, and work with the latest information at all times.


It is possible to customize QuickBooks to best suit your business operations.  The software is quite flexible and can cater to diverse business requirements. Custom versions of the product are also available to address accounting needs of specific types of users such as retailers, health care professionals and others. Using the appropriate QuickBooks variants can save time and effort otherwise spent on customizations.

Comprehensive Reports

A multitude of built-in reports in prescribed formats definitely is a boon as it vastly reduces the effort of generating and presenting or submitting reports in a timely manner.  With all transaction data being updated in real time or near instantly, reports help you get a fairly accurate and holistic view of how well your business is doing.  From the statutory balance sheets and profit and loss statements to cash flow projections and other financial forecasts, there are over 40 reports available in the system.

Support For Third Party Software

Be it sharing data between applications or expanding business functionality using QuickBooks Apps, support for third party software enables easy transfer of business data, without compromising data integrity.  Legacy data migration into QuickBooks is also possible via QuickBooks Apps. The time and effort spent on manual data transfer plus costly errors typical of manual tasks are totally done away with.


The QuickBooks desktop version attracts a flat-fee while its cloud-based counterpart, a monthly fee. QuickBooks subscription proves to be more cost-effective when compared to other alternatives. It is possible for users to opt for a plan that best meets their usage pattern.  Self-employed professionals and small businesses may not really require advanced features and hence can opt for a basic plan that allows access to invoicing and payments tracking, apart from a host of reports bundled with the software.

Businesses can also make use of the financial data in the system for taxation purposes.  Preparing tax forms is indeed a tedious task. Using the available payroll information to automatically generate the necessary documentation helps address yet another important business function with ease.

These are but some of the compelling reason for you to try out QuickBooks for free (limited trial period).  Take time to check out this reliable, compact and easy-to-use accounting software. Adopt it, only if it delivers on its promise!

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