With Transaction Pro Importer Easily Import Lists and Transactions


Transaction Pro Importer eases Import transactions, lists, credit card and bank statements from various file sources including Excel, text, quicken, Access and most ODBC databases. It fully supports all CA, UK, US, and AU QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise editions. This the first and best-selling data import application for QuickBooks with more features and options.


Reduce Manual Data Entry Work

The Transaction Pro Importer enables you to easily import QuickBooks lists or transactions from any Excel, text file like a CSV or tab delimited file, Quicken, Access, Microsoft Money or any database that supports ODBC. Transaction Pro Importer add-on helps you import different types of accounting and financial statements from sales receipts, price levels, invoices and more. Easily configurable field level mapping provides you complete flexibility and control in importing your data. Transaction Pro will also enable you to edit your data prior to transferring it into QuickBooks.

Easy Wizard Based Import

Do you want an easy way to carry your transactions or lists into QuickBooks? The Transaction Pro Importer is an exclusive solution you’ve been searching for. Wizard interface guides you with simple step-by-step directions and field-level mapping of your data. You can Quickly import data virtually from any source as QuickBooks lists or transactions.

Number of Import Options Available

Transaction Pro Importer has sufficient powerful import options available of any import tool. These include cross-reference features, ability to create new list items on the fly, auto assign transaction numbers, skip or replace transactions, import custom fields, e-Commerce options, and many more. Additionally, our mapping screen enables using default values or simple formulas to fill in field values.

Flexibility in Mapping

With our flexible mapping, you are allowed to either map to a column from your import file or you can provide a default value or a formula. Multiple mapping options are available which include the ability to map to the columns in the import file and save unlimited map files and load for each transaction type.

Strong Pre validation Pre-Import

Strong validation before import will completely eliminate all data validation errors while importing the file into QuickBooks. Transaction Pro Importer then reviews data before starting the import process that all in all ensure that none of the data has exceeded the field lengths. It will also check fields to be in the proper format like date, number etc. You can view how your data will be matched to the QuickBooks fields on the top of the screen.

Item Settings Screen

In case you are importing transactions and there exists an item in your import file that does not exist in QuickBooks, Transaction Pro Importer then, you can create the new item for you. If the item pre-exists on the file of Transaction Pro Importer app then it uses the account details and account type.


  • Import Lists and Transactions into QuickBooks easily.
  • Impressive Options Available on Tabbed Options Screens.
  • Save the failed transactions easily or enter it manually.
  • Easy mapping of columns in to import files.
  • Save time with reduction in manual data entry work.
  • Automatic addition of new customers, jobs, vendors, items and classes while importing transactions.
  • Easily send the default value to a QuickBooks field.

Managing business is no longer complicated with our exclusive QuickBooks cloud hosting solution and integration of Transaction Pro Importer app. This solution gives you complete control over your business and you find zero complexity while running the business.

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